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Martyn Waghorn

Martyn Waghorn

The level of knowledge I now have from this course has helped me develop and keep up with the ever-changing demands within my sport. Ray has been brilliant and not only has he been a top trainer, but my family and I have made a great friend. Cheers Pegasus!

I have always been involved in sport from a very young age, starting my first football tournament aged 5 and progressing from there. As I progressed through the sport and got older I noticed that my body was developing quicker and bigger than most others around me who were the same age.  I never used to lift any weights, but my body just adapted and developed a large muscular frame, which went on to help me within games.

It wasn’t until recently, within the last few years or so that my wife and I have really developed our interest and knowledge about sports and exercise. Sports performance, different genetic physiques, specific training methods and many other in depth concepts have all been areas that I wanted to learn more about. Football and sport in general have advanced so much over the recent years and I believe that having completed this course, it has enabled me to learn about this and stay ahead.

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  • James Canning

    I cannot recommend Ray and Sean from Pegasus Training highly enough as they both have excellent knowledge and experience to help their students gain the best education possible before moving into the their careers within the Health and Fitness Industry.