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John Sutton

John Sutton

I am lucky enough to have a career in professional sport, which has always been something I have loved doing. Throughout this time I have been subjected to and presented with many different training routines, which were always of interest to me with regards to why they were designed the way they were. Therefore, I decided to further my understanding and knowledge and be in a position to design programmes of my own by qualifying as a Personal Trainer.

With different options available to me, contacting Pegasus Training via communication with PFA Scotland proved to be a very valuable decision. Working on a course part time, they managed to fit our sessions in around my job and other commitments. The trainers (Sean and Ray) worked hard on improving my knowledge of aspects that I was unsure about and refreshing my mind with what I was familiar with. The course helped broaden my horizons and was extremely enjoyable – I am very happy with my experience and would recommend Pegasus Training to anyone looking to move into a career within the Health and Fitness Industry.

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  • Leoni Waghorn

    The knowledge and experience Ray has is invaluable and he really does care for his students and about their plans for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt more than I could have imagined and met some lovely people along the way. Most importantly, I can now pass on my knowledge from the L3 Certificate in Personal Training course onto those who also need help and hopefully make a difference. I can’t recommend Ray and all of the team at Pegasus highly enough and would say to anyone who is contemplating doing this course - ‘do it, you won’t regret it!’