Emma Williams

Emma Williams

I have been a fitness enthusiast since the very first day I joined a gym at the age of 16, competing internationally in CrossFit and in Powerlifting. I am the current Powerlifting British Champion in my weight class, training regularly in power gyms with a keen interest in functional fitness.

Leaving the military after serving 10 years in the Royal Navy, which included multiple operational tours to Afghanistan and qualifying as a physical training instructor, I wished to continue on the path of physical training. I wanted to share my past experiences, knowledge and generally help people to move better and become healthier.

In order to do so, I needed to gain a civilian qualification in Personal Training.

Through word of mouth on my military base, Pegasus Training were mentioned a number of times as the best option and a great course.

I enrolled on their Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training last year (2016) and I could not have been happier. Pegasus Training were incredibly helpful and supportive from the very beginning and the course material was of high quality. Unquestionably however, the best parts of my training were the instructors. Both Sean and Ray have a wealth of knowledge and were able to deliver well-informed lessons. I found them both to be understanding, helpful and had a great talent for teaching/coaching. There were members of our group who struggled with the academic side of the course work. Sean and Ray were able to adapt to the situation intuitively and find a different way to explain and teach these particular students. It was obvious to me that they had a great amount of experience in the field.

Despite coming from a lifetime of competitive sports and training within the military for 10 years – I still managed to gain an unexpected wealth of knowledge on the course. I am extremely glad I chose Pegasus Training for my Level 3 PT course because I can confidently know that I received the best training possible and I am now able to share that knowledge with my clients.

If you are looking for the highest level of quality, standard of qualification and enjoyment from your Personal Training course, I would without doubt recommend Pegasus Training as your training provider.

John Sutton - Ex Student

John Sutton

I am lucky enough to have a career in professional sport, which has always been something I have loved doing. Throughout this time I have been subjected to and presented with many different training routines, which were always of interest to me with regards to why they were designed the way they were. Therefore, I decided to further my understanding and knowledge and be in a position to design programmes of my own by qualifying as a Personal Trainer.

With different options available to me, contacting Pegasus Training via communication with PFA Scotland proved to be a very valuable decision. Working on a course part time, they managed to fit our sessions in around my job and other commitments. The trainers (Sean and Ray) worked hard on improving my knowledge of aspects that I was unsure about and refreshing my mind with what I was familiar with. The course helped broaden my horizons and was extremely enjoyable – I am very happy with my experience and would recommend Pegasus Training to anyone looking to move into a career within the Health and Fitness Industry.


James Canning

On deciding to change my career 2 years ago, I decided to move into the fitness industry as a personal trainer. The number of training providers within the personal training industry overwhelmed me. After an in-depth search and meeting the owner, Ray Watts, I decided to choose Pegasus Training. In my opinion Ray’s wealth of experience and knowledge sets his company apart from the other providers.

Since completing my personal training diploma 2 years ago I have been able to build a very successful PT business within one of the largest fitness health clubs in the UK. Just recently I was promoted to lead coach within my club and am very excited and looking forward to a very bright future within the fitness industry.

I would highly recommend Pegasus training as Ray makes learning fun and enjoyable and is able to teach at a pace that suits each individuals learning ability. I have no doubt, I would not be in the privileged position of lead coach for one of the largest health clubs in the UK if it weren’t for the quality and standard of teaching I received at Pegasus Training by Ray Watts.