Q1. Why choose Pegasus Training?

  • Value for money – Pegasus Training offers a ‘price match’ guarantee for any ‘like for like’ course thus ensuring great value for money.
  • Reliability – We have never cancelled a full time course!
  • Endorsed qualifications – Using Active IQ as an Awarding Body ensures that all our courses are full, internationally recognized qualifications, endorsed by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s).
  • Flexible learning options – Our courses are designed as a full time intensive method of learning to enable entry into the Health and Fitness industry as quickly as possible. Alternative methods of learning are also available for students wishing to undertake a ‘part time’ slower approach to learning.
  • Venue – A permanent first class venue at the Village Hotel Club, Glasgow. Access to state of the art fitness equipment and a dedicated learning suite ensures the best possible learning experience.
  • Support – We pride ourselves on our ‘personal’ approach both during the course and after graduating. With small classes, typically 8 students, we offer an unrivalled level of support!
  • Tutors – Our tutors are all experienced local Personal Trainers that can advise on how to apply course knowledge into the workplace.

Q2. Are there payment options?

  • We aim to make our courses as inclusive as possible and strive to meet with potential students to agree individual terms where possible. We may therefore offer a repayment schedule where you pay an initial deposit and terms are agreed to pay the remaining balance with 0% charged in interest. This is conducted only at a ‘face to face’ meeting and on an individual basis.

Q3. When can I start the course?

  • We run a schedule of 4 Advanced Diploma courses a year for full time students.
  • All full time course run as scheduled on the website.
  • Blended learning options allow you to start immediately.

Q4. What is the enrolment process?

  • We prefer to meet all potential students for an informal ‘coffee chat’ with one of our dedicated training team prior to enrolling (not compulsory). This allows any issues to be addressed and additional support to be organised, prior to enrollment.

Q5. How long do I have to complete the course?

  • Students studying on a ‘part time’ basis have 2 years to complete their qualification.

Q6. Employment Prospects?

  • As a small, dedicated, local company, we have been supplying Personal Trainers to health clubs in Scotland for many years. This has enhanced our reputation with gym managers, many who are ex-students. This unique relationship often leads to them recruiting directly from Pegasus Training courses.

Q7. Any Other Questions?